A burglar's biggest enemy is time. His chances of getting caught rise substantially with extra minutes it takes to break into a home or business.

MEDECO design its high security product line with pick and drill resistant features that blocks the things thieves do to gain entry. When a thief sees MEDECO locks on your interior or exterior door, gates and other secure areas, they might decide it isn't worth the risk.

Key Control

Do you really know who has a key to your home or business? Have you ever given your keys to a parking lot attendant? Have you ever fired an employee? Did you know that 30% of all burglaries are unlawful entry without force, meaning the thief had a key?

Key Duplication Control

MEDECO has a card program where you'll be issued a card with embossed control data and a space for your signature. To obtain duplicate keys, this card must be presented with the proper ID to a qualified locksmith. The data and signature will be verified and you, and only you, will a duplicate key be issued.

MEDECO High Security Lock Selections

MEDECO offers a complete line of proven locks and padlocks to double-cylinder deadbolts. MEDECO also provides lock cylinders that can be installed in other manufacturers products. Ask your locksmith about upgrading your existing locks to high security MEDECO cylinders that will provide key card control.

SCHLAGE locks have a reputation for quality and durability. SCHLAGE has set the standard for affordable home security and offers many styles and finishes to choose from. The locks shown below are designed to accept the MEDECO keying system.

Entry Sets Keyed Knobs Keyed Levers Deadbolts

Service and installation available for all of the manufacturers listed below.

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